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If you would like to join our team of writers/players please contact us at admin@codtips.com. Otherwise if you just have a few tips or want to submit a small strategy use the form below. Before you submit a strategy there are some rules and guidelines to follow.

  • We do not support cheating or exploiting.
  • Don't post the same strategy. Make sure a similar one isn't already posted.
  • Watch the language. You don't have to keep it super clean but keep it pg-13.
  • We recommend writing the strategy in Word or notepad first then paste it in the strategy box.
  • For full length strategies include your gamertag for credit.
  • For class strategies please include a primary weapon, secondary weapon, both equipment slots, and 3 perks.

CoDtips.com reserves the right to edit your strategies. We will give credit to the name/gamertag supplied for full strategies but there could be occasional edits for grammar and things of that nature.

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