Throwing Knife Guide

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Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
PS3 Tag: Fleflo
Date: October 10, 2010

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So, your SHOCKING (or not) with throwing knife’s and you always are about to get a kill, then BAM! you don’t.
This guide is here to help you and by the next 5 games, you’ll have Butcher (most throwing knife kills)


This point I stress imensly as when i’m watching my friends play, i’m screaming at them, AIM UP! AIM UP! You’ll have to have a sense of…emm….Geometry? or Triganomitry….well, you need to know how far the target is, then judge how the weight of the throwing knife will affect the throw- The knife will dip down.

2. When to throw- Movement

I have now been playing a while and every now and then i get a VERY long kill.
You see a target, they don’t see you. Aim up, throw, then MOVE AWAY! This is one of the most important tips as you can easily be shot as your watching the target.
Also, the target may shoot, move behind cover then come back. The tip here is to throw after them being ONE second (or less) behind cover, as you might have some luck and they’ll pop back out, and BAM! they’re dead :)

3. Hold, or Chuck

When your in a game and you DEFINITELY know there’s an enemy, go round the corner with your throwing knife HELD in your hand. If they come out as a suprise (you’ll have to learn how to do this) flick R2 (or Chuck it) and hopefully kill them. This is bad to do, as you should have a certain amount of Knowing-ness of to where they are.

4.Finding the knife

When you get a kill, the chances are that it’s close range. You can just run up and grab your knife- simple. But when it’s a long kill, the knife is out of view, there is no point in running for it.

5. Perks, classes, and throwing knife trespasses

I have a throwing knife in almost EVERY single class (with the odd semtex) and one class specially designated to Throwing Knife’s. My perks (and the best to use) are:

Scavenger (Pro)
Lightweight (Pro) or Steady Aim (Pro)
Commando (Pro)

They’re all good.
When you run in a building and you’re basically trespassing, be ready. If there’s a sniper, throwing knife! If there’s a croucher, throwing knife! if there’s a man round the corner waiting for you, see where he is on the kill cam and then go back with a, Throwing Knife!

For beginners, have Marathon, Lightweight and Commando with a throwing knife. Run round trying to get kills with the Knife. For People who’ve had Butcher over 10 times, have 3 classes with a throwing knife. For people with it over 100 times, do what you like.
Butcher is an accolade (by the way)

6. Clan tag
My clan tag at the moment is TaFi. Join if you like.
My throwing knife clan is iHop. Join if you want (pretty awesome)
Also, my other throwing knife clan is Hipo (meant to be hippo, not enough letter’s)
It has the same letters as iHop (Hipo) and Hippo is my fav. animal, so happy all around.
Hopefully you’ll add me and i’ll teach you some special tricks :D
Hope you enjoyed.


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