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Date: June 24, 2010

Basically, I think search is not all about stealth. It’s about being smart and getting kills.

I like to snipe (intervention is the only option for that) but you can use whatever you like. If you are the offensive team try to use a class with marathon – you never know when you will have to switch bombsites with 30 seconds left. Don’t worry about silencers, they take off too much range. Use FMJ or a scope. Another trick to get the bomb is to spawn as a marathon/lightweight class and grab it then swap classes back to your normal one (it’s a hassle, I know).

Defensively, you have to have claymores, a sniper rifle, scavenger, and a shotgun. Go to the bomb site and seal it off with claymores around all entrances, then find a spot that is secluded, but gives you a view of the bomb. BE PATIENT: don’t rush into the battle field and get killed. Cold blooded helps for places like wasteland and underpass, but stopping power helps insure kills. Use the shotgun for guarding an area. Spas with a grip works for me.

Things to consider

the bomb takes 45 seconds to detonate – you have lots of time so dont just sprint and get killed

Plant and Defuse when you see the chance – it only takes 5 seconds

Heartbeat sensors don’t help as much as they hurt you – you will be staring at them constantly when some guy with ninja will come out of nowhere. Use FMJ.

Riot shields don’t work. Just don’t use them. Not with C4 not with Throwing Knives not with Rangers. They don’t work.

Modify your classes depending on the map. It will give you a huge advantage.


I’m 4th prestige and this has worked for me. Great site!


3 Responses to “Search And Destroy”
  • Blah! says:

    Also one man army PRO would be a good thing to add to this. So you can place 2 claymores and 2 c4, and have an assault rifle in 3 seconds.

  • mastaPHIPPS says:

    it has been proven that it doesnt do that? i thought it was only for help in bullet penetration kills?

  • xXDemon_TacoXx says:

    this has been pretty useful but is FMJ really a good choice since it has been proven that it doesn’t increase the power of your weapon?

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