Ranking Up Faster

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Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Xbox Tag: Some Vagrant
Date: May 23, 2010

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What’s that? You want to know how to rank up faster? Well boosting of course. Thing is boosting kind of ruins the point of the entire game. I can see the temptations that boosting offers but I’d rather just play the game. Either way “to each his own” and if you want to boost that’s your choice but if you’d like to learn some tips on how to rank up faster without whoring yourself out for headshot kills then read on.

  • Go For Challenges
  • Every time you play a match have at least 3 challenges in mind. If you really want to get into it you could even write them down on some scrap paper to keep track of them.
  • Upgrade Perks
  • Even if you really don’t care about using them, upgrade them anyway for the experience points. Some are really easy to get like One Many Army, Stopping Power, Sleight of Hand, Scavenger, Bling, Hardline, Scrambler and Ninja. For hardline use the easiest to get killstreak rewards and for cold-blooded shoot down UAVs.
  • Switch Classes
  • Never use the same class. Always switch to different weapons, perks and equipment for challenges.
  • Unlock All Attachments For Guns
  • I’m not saying you have to rank up every gun but at least for the ones you like make sure you unlock everything. It gets you a load of experience and you’ll probably get it without even really trying. For FMJ kills try playing 3rd person games.

  • Catching People Off-Guard
  • When you catch people off-guard like a sniper, don’t just stab him in the back kill him in a way that contributes to a challenge like plant a claymore at his feet, shoot him in the head for headshots on a certain gun, etc. Do whatever would normally be hard to do in a regular fight.
  • Play Different Game Modes
  • As well as playing different classes, play different game modes. Not only for challenges but you’ll find some game modes offer more experience points than others. It will also make you a better overall player.
  • Stop Your Losing Streak
  • If you find that your team keeps losing, leave the lobby and join another one. It seems obvious but I know there’s been plenty of times where I just stayed in the same lobby and lost all the time.
  • One Man Army For Challenges
  • One Man Army can be a good way to complete different kinds of challenges. One example that’s worked for me is having a one many army class with a claymore, plant the claymore and switch to the class I actually want to play and move on. I end up being surprised by getting a kill when I’m nowhere near an enemy.
  • These are just some tips you can use to rank up faster. This guide will most likely be updated from time to time, so look out for the *update* sign. If you’ve got any suggestions on ranking up faster we want to hear them. If they’re good enough they’ll make it onto this page. Submit a Strategy


2 Responses to “Ranking Up Faster”
  • Prasanth says:

    WOWZER!! A totally aiznmag project hun!! I love it!! Every detail is so aiznmag!! You’ve made a beautiful creation!! Thanks so much for joining with us at Elisabeth Bell’s World challenge this month!! HUGS

  • Sore Old Grey says:

    If you arn’t doing well with a class, don’t keep playing that class you are failing with. Try swiching to a differnt type of weapon, and changing up your stratagy. Ultimently, kills = ESP.

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