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Game: Black Ops
Playstation 3 Tag: z_Shift_z or Mitch_561
Date: December 2, 2010

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Quickscoping, one of the most commonly practiced strategies in modern warfare 2 & black ops yet people still dont seem to be able to get it right.

For starters, the class

Primary-Sniper(Any But most likely Intervention or Barret)

Secondary-This matters slitghtly more than you would expect, as double switching is often use for final killcams etc. A handgun in my experience is more accurate for the second switch and back and I seem to hit more shots with this, but Machine Pistols and shotguns will make you less likely to make a mistake with timing.

Equipment- Throwing knife/other
Special-Personal preferance

Slot 1(blue)Slight of hand, or marathon I wouls say are the best way to go, no you dont need slight of hand pro to quickscope either but seeing as other people probably will have it you’ll be at a disadvantage without it.

Slot 2(red)Stopping power or lightweight IMO. Stopping power in conventional game modes to minimize hitmarkers, and lightweight in hardcore or sniper lobbies.

Slot 3(Yellowy Green lol)
Commando(Pro for no falling damage)Ninja, or Steady aim for beginners I would say.

Deathstreak-Copycat if you dont want people in sniper lobbies getting angry.

Basic Method. Center the enemy in your crosshaird, scope in and as soon as you see the lines of the scope fire. After is a hardscope usually, and before is usually as lucky as a no scope. Practice timing till this is perfect.

Ok, you can quickscope, but not particularly accurately or easily. Here are some tips, first of all moving while you are quickscoping makes it about 50% less likely to hit, stay still when you can, but in sniper lobbies still go for moving shots as chances are your opponent will and the ones he hits will give him an edge. Practice makes perfect, 1000 guides wont helps you as much as 2 hours of practice. Stay alert, take breaks and dont kid your self it was a quickscope if it wasn’t, people will get ticked off watching killcams.

Ok, this is a brilliantly accurate way to quickscope, btw only try this once your good enough to be comfortable using commando/ninja and can get a fairly positive k/d in normal matches. To DragQS someone you use the aim assist on mw2 to drage your crosshairs onto a target and as soon as they are on him you need to have timed it so your are scoped in then, and only then this is an easy way to end up hardscoping guys. Anyway, as you practise you will notice that 95-100% of these shots are hitting, remember to stand still and take your time.

9/10 but 6 and up are all plausible. I use 10 for the 360 cams.

Thanks for reading my guide, if you like my guide add me on PSN, I’ll be playing mw2 most likely since black ops is a fail in my opinion. Cheers.


7 Responses to “Quickscoping”
  • x kein says:

    intervention always rockzz…. and i quickscope hardscope and no scope with it

  • Mike says:

    This was a helpful guide but i guess i just don’t have the ability to quickscope

  • Alex says:

    True, if you are going to write a guide for black ops, don’t write one for MW2…
    Funny as you say that Black Ops is a fail, but the guide is shown as a Black Ops one.
    And, well, you play PS3… So you probably suck.

    • Luis says:

      DuUkE:RaMZes97 сказал(а):Вот именно на ПСП очен много хороших игр. Для меня Silent hill shaterd mrmeeios лутше всех Попробуй Silent Hill Origins, мне она намного больше нравится чем Shattered Memories

      • Open says:

        Hey enovyere could Hey enovyere could you please go check out browntownstevo, he makes really good commentary videos and he just started out, please help him get noticed on youtube and if you could give him a subscribe im sure he would appreciate it greatly, thank’s alot! Was this answer helpful?

    • Mayank says:

      So yes there is competition Halo is bteter than Cod in many ways and I can prove it, and are you stupid or something? You think Activision gives a shit about you or their fans? They just want your money and they do that by focusing on little 12 year olds like you to buy their crap copy and paste games every year. And you say they patch everything wtf is wrong with you they hardly ever patch things if they did then noob tubes wouldn’t have been so over powered in MW2. Cod is slowly dying face it

  • Jsaetnetwork says:

    HAs anyone noticed that this was for black ops and you dotn have an intervention on black ops and also you can quickscope with the intervention ONLY because barret is semi automatic and people just end up spraying with it

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