One Man Army Official Strategy
Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Xbox Tag: Some Vagrant
Date: May 24, 2010

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One Man Army has got to be one if not the most underrated perk in the game. If it offers a ton of different possibilities. In this guide I’ll show you just one way out of the many ways you can use this perk.

  • I like to have a setup of at least 3 classes with one man army on:
  • A sniper rifle class with claymores, hardline, and ninja.
  • An assault rifle with a silencer, tactical insertion, cold-blooded, and ninja
  • An assault rifle with ACOG or holographic, frags, stopping power or hardline, and commando
  • I will most likely start with the tactical insertion class. I’ll find a spot for sniping and drop the insertion in a spot that’s out of the way and unseen. Then I will switch to my sniper class and set a perimeter by dropping a claymore at one entrance, switch back to the sniper class through one man army and drop another claymore at the other entrance. Remember you can only have 2 active claymores/C4 at a time.
  • From here I’ll start sniping. As I’m sniping I’ll be aware of any explosions going off that might be my claymores. I always check on my claymores every once in awhile just to be safe. If an enemy dies by one or somehow blows it up, I’ll switch to the sniper class again and drop another claymore. Sometimes I might even lure the enemy into my claymore by shooting so they see me on their radar. Just be careful of frags. If an enemy gets a killstreak reward such as a Pavelow, I’ll switch to my cold-blooded class and lay low.
  • If I start getting lots of company I’ll switch to my assault rifle class and be ready for anyone who comes through the entrance expecting a defenseless sniper. Here is where I make my final stand. If I survive I will most likely move to a new spot, especially if I’ve been there for awhile. When and if you die, watch the killcam to make sure you know where they are and be ready for them when you respawn with tactical insertion.
  • This strategy can work pretty well for staying alive long enough for those harder killstreak rewards. It tends to work better on larger maps and ones where you can find a good area. The possibilities are endless. Another example might be switching to a heartbeat sensor rifle when you know someone’s around but don’t know where.
  • Here’s some good things to keep in mind when using one many army
    • You can always resupply all your ammo and equipment by switching to the same class you’re currently using.
    • Use multiple classes with one many army on in order to switch back and forth.
    • Use it quickly to switch to an anti-air class to shoot down aircrafts. Just remember you can’t switch back if you have a launcher on.
    • You can only have 2 claymores/C4 active at a time but you can carry the third. If you use the third the first one you planted will blow up.
    • If you get a killstreak reward that gets you kills, switch to a hardline class before you use it so you can easily get to your next reward.


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