Get Longer Killstreaks Official Strategy
Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Xbox Tag: Some Vagrant
Date: May 25, 2010

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I for one don’t usually get long killstreaks. So I decided to analyze what I was doing wrong and how I could improve on this. I found out something that has really helped me get those longer killstreaks. Hopefully this guide can help you too.

  • Use Your Rewards As Soon As Possible
  • If you want longer killstreaks you’ll need to use your rewards right away. If you die, they don’t count towards a killstreak in your next life.
  • Choose Your Lineup Wisely
  • I noticed a huge change once I managed my lineup of rewards differently. Pick rewards that will help you increase your killstreak. More on this later.
  • Hardline Perk
  • This is pretty much a given. If you want longer killstreaks use hardline.
  • Skip The Care Package
  • Care package rewards don’t count towards your killstreak. So if you get a chopper gunner from that crate and get 20 kills with it, none of them count towards your killstreak.

  • Choose Rewards That Get You Kills
  • So skip out on the UAVs and Counter-UAVs as well.
  • It’s All In The Combination
  • As I mentioned above, choosing your lineup wisely is what really helps. An example would be getting a Predator Missile for your first reward. That’s like an 80% chance of that 6th kill. With that 6th kill you could go straight to a Precision Airstrike, with that you could get anywhere from 1-5 kills and that could send you straight to a Chopper Gunner if your lucky. That’s all just from getting to the predator missile. The rewards do the rest. For the most part anyway. Here’s some good combos (I like to call the first one “The Quick and Easy”):
    • Predator Missile » Precision Airstrike » Harriers/Attack Helicopter
    • Predator Missile » Precision Airstrike » Pavelow/Stealth Bomber
    • Predator Missile » Harriers » Chopper/AC-130
    • Precision Airstrike » Pavelow » EMP
    • Harriers » Chopper/AC-130 » Nuke/EMP
  • Lay Low When You Get An Aircraft
  • If you get any aircrafts like a harrier, attack helicopter, etc. Lay low and let it do its thing. You don’t want to go and die as it gets you 5 kills and have those kills not count towards a killstreak.
  • Watch Your Back
  • Always be aware of what’s going on around you. You’ll need to be on top of your game in order to stay alive long enough to get those big rewards.
  • Stick To An Area
  • I’m not saying camp in a corner but try and stick to one area. An area where you can watch the entrances and always know what’s going on around you. If you have a buddy have him watch one side as you watch another.
  • Of course sometimes it just comes down to luck with killstreaks. Or in some cases you’ll be unlucky and get shot before you can use that predator missile. Have patience and keep at it. You’ll get that nuke eventually.


11 Responses to “Get Longer Killstreaks”
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  • Erik says:

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  • Ghetto G says:

    datz right

  • Old fart says:

    Can’t you get kills with the UAV. It shows position of the enemy and you go and kill them

  • VolturiSnake says:

    Thank you for published that. it helped me alot:)

  • newb says:

    when you move spotss, look before you walk, when u cross roads u look both ways.. u dont wana die do you>?

  • Matt says:

    Another reason to keep moving slightly is once you have “Killed” that other soldier, he will see when you shot him from on the “Killcam”. He for sure will be coming for you so be ready…..!

    Again try to take make the map smaller by selecting areas to play within a map, learn where to go, before just running around before getting shot up like me!!

    thanks and happy playing…

  • Mangler2608 says:

    Great tips, thank you very much. Now that Black Ops is out it is basically the same thing. This helped me very much.

  • Sore Old Grey says:

    Something else to consider when you are in your “area,” don’t sit in exactly the same place for too long. All ways adjust your position slightly to reduce the chance of getting hit with a edjucated “Newb Tube” of Explosive. Always try and think, “What would i do to get me”. It might sound silly, but it can come in handy. Lastly, never get to fixated on one spot for to long. Tunnel vision will kill you.

    • Ilayda says:

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  • Puffy_Gonads says:

    Weel thought out. I enjoyed reading this guide :) thank you

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