Guide to Special Grenades Official Strategy
Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Xbox Tag: Some Vagrant
Date: May 24, 2010

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Do you find yourself never using the special grenades (flash, stun and smoke)? Well you’re missing out on some pretty powerful and useful tools in taking down your opponents. This guide has everything you need to know when it comes to the special grenades.

  • Stun Grenades
  • Stuns don’t cause the screen to go completely white. So if you stun someone they still see you, they just can’t move very well, hence stun. So if you’re coming at someone while their stunned, move out of the direction of their gun because they’ll still shoot you. There’s 2 great advantages to stun grenades. 1: Your own grenade won’t affect you as easily. Unless you throw it right underneath yourself it’s alot harder to stun yourself than flash yourself. 2: You throw them a lot faster than a flash.
  • Flash Grenades
  • Flash grenades blind the enemy and deafen him to his surroundings. They last a good deal longer than stun grenades depending on how good you threw it. They’re harder to use because they take longer to throw and they also affect you.
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Smoke grenades are pretty self explanatory. They emit a dark smoke that conceals whatever is inside of it. They don’t last very long. Thermal scopes can see through this but beware, it can get pretty choppy due to the graphics. Smokes are pretty underused. They do however, have some potential for certain objective-based games such as demolition or capture the flag.
  • Bounce Your Grenades
  • When you’re using flashes or stuns bounce them of walls instead of popping around the corner. This way you don’t expose yourself to potential enemies on the other side of your enclosure.
  • Use Them To Find People
  • Sometimes it can be a good idea to use your flash or stun to find an enemy/enemies. If your cross hair turns to an X you know you hit someone. Deciding on what to do from there is up to you but now you know there’s someone there.
  • Use Both At The Same Time
  • So if you throw one around a corner. Throw the other one right after it. Especially if you know they’re there. Sometimes you might just nick someone with the flash and it doesn’t do enough to actually help you get the jump. Or perhaps you flashed one but not the other. If someone sees the flash the first time they know you’re coming in after it but they won’t typically expect another flash coming right after it instead.
  • Out Of Ammo?
  • If you ever get into a gun duel and if for whatever reason you both end up needing to reload and you’re not close enough to knife. Try and hit him with your grenade. I mean physically hit him. If you weakened him with your gun you can probably end up finishing him of just from the physical impact of the grenade.
  • Disabling Equipment
  • Don’t forget you can use them to disable the enemies equipment such as claymores, C4, and sentry guns. It’s not permanent though so be careful.


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    When you watch the Texans’ DE play, its easy to be impressed with his athtilec ability, speed up the field and his power at the point of attack. That’s legit talent right there. But let’s not forget about the technique Watt displays with his hands. He can “press” an offensive lineman and create some separation to work his counter moves. Fast and violent with the hands. That’s what I took from the game. CSS10-26

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