Guide to Shielding Official Strategy
Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Xbox Tag: Some Vagrant
Date: May 24, 2010

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Using a riot shield can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re using it to piss people off or actually strategize with it, it works well for both. It takes some time to learn how to use the shield properly and hopefully this guide can help you learn it quicker.

  • Shield-Smashing
  • Using your shield to hit people can be a bit tricky at first. On the first melee you need to be able to turn fast enough to avoid being stabbed in the back. After your first hit, move your aim towards the direction of the enemy’s movement. Try moving your view as your hitting him. Get a feel for it and you’ll understand.
  • Watch Your Running
  • Be careful when running with a shield on. It greatly exposes your body so never run straight towards the enemy.
  • Crouch
  • If the enemy spots you, you must crouch. The first thing he’s going to do is shoot at your feet, which are exposed if your standing up. Also be aware of your viewing angle. If you’re looking too high up or too low to the ground this may also expose your body.
  • Use Stun Grenades
  • If you find an enemy at a distance and he sees you, toss out a stun grenade before he has time to plot how he’s going to kill you. Run at him from an angle, away from his front so he can’t shoot at you. You won’t have much time depending on how good you threw the stun so either shoot him or get close enough to melee him.
  • Use a Throwing Knife
  • Using a throwing knife is a deadly combination with the shield. You throw the knife a lot faster than switching to any other weapon and it’s an instant kill so you don’t need to hit him with your shield twice. Just make sure you’re close enough to get the kill. The throwing knife can be tricky but with time you’ll figure it out.
  • Use C4
  • Using C4 with a shield is another pretty good combination. Whether you run around tossing out C4 to whoever comes near you and blowing them to hell or setting a perimeter and waiting for the right moment to detonate, it’s all around great fun.
  • Blast Shield
  • Using a blast shield with a riot shield will save you from most if not all explosions.
  • The riot shield is a lot of fun to use, it may not be for everyone though. There will be times where you curse the game for dying when you were clearly tucked behind your shield (it might seem that way). One thing you can always count on is being stuck with a semtex grenade. Unless you have a blast shield on, you will most likely die, so what I like to do is charge the enemy and he usually ends up killing himself in the process.


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