Guide to Rushing

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Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Xbox Tag: II L0L
Date: May 24, 2010

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What’s up fellow CoD’ers? I felt like writing a guide on rushing, as this style of attacking is rather common in Matchmaking.

  • First, you need to realize that Rushing does not mean running in there like Rambo, guns blazing and spraying like you’re epileptic.
  • Rushing needs to be calculated, and you need to pay a lot of attention to your surroundings. Why? Let’s take this as an example.
    You’re playing Domination and you rush the enemy spawn at the start of the match. If you just run in there, hoping to kill them all, you’ll
    probably get shot in the side or back before you can kill your first target.
  • If you rush the enemy spawn, you should NOT rush them heads first with akimbo P90s, believe me, you WILL fail. Rushing means that you’re constantly
    on the move, but it does not mean that you run to them in a straight line. When I rush, I basically FLANK them.
    I’ll try and stay rather close to the outskirts of the map, and rush close to them once I get behind/beside them.
  • Now, let’s go back to Rushing being calculated. First, you need to try and predict where the heck the enemy is going to go.
    You should know choke and high traffic points (such as the bunker in the middle of the map on Wasteland or the office buildings on Highrise)
    and you should know how to get there and how to avoid them.
    If you know how to avoid them, you will be able to get there quickly without being noticed and seen, making your job a lot easier. You should rush
    from the side, picking off any unsuspecting enemy that is heading for a choke point or objective.
  • Rushing is also a lot easier when you are using the right class. In my opinion, there are two types of Rusher – the Ninja Rusher and the Aggressive
    Rusher. I personally am a Ninja Rusher. What do I mean by that? Well, I rush a lot, but I also prefer to stay silent and undetectable.
    • My main
      rushing class consists of:
    • UMP45 Silenced + Akimbo Magnums
      Throwing Knife, Stun Grenades.
      Marathon PRO (obviously, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to rush.)
      Cold Blooded PRO (If you get seen on a UAV – you’ll die a lot quicker)
      Ninja PRO (The main reason is that you’ll have silent foot steps, and some people tend to have a Heartbeat Sensor equipped)
    • With this class, you’ll be permanently invisible on the enemy’s Mini-Map. You’ll only be visible if you use the Magnums, and I only use them if I
      find myself in an intense situation which leaves me with no time to reload. The UMP is the strongest SMG, and it takes around a 4 – 5 shot burst to
      kill someone.

    • If you’re more of a loud ‘in-your-face’ type of Rusher, then you should maybe have a look at this class:
    • P90 Rapid Fire + SPAS 12 Grip or any handgun with the Tac Knife
      Semtex, Flash Grenades
      Marathon PRO
      Lightweight PRO or Stopping Power PRO (I prefer Stopping Power… I don’t really see the need to use Lightweight, being too quick means quicker death.)
      Commando PRO (If you jump off a building or want to go in for a quick knife)
  • Okay. As a Rusher, you always need to stay on the move. Remember, don’t run in predictable, straight lines.
    Another thing that you should not do: Do NOT chase someone who’s on the run if you’re not sure where his team mates are. The chances of
    you being killed while you chase him is rather high. Go in for quick, safe kills. Don’t hesitate to spray and pray, sometimes you don’t have
    much of a choice.
    Also, you need to be aware that the enemy can anticipate Rushers, and they might have Rushers of their own.
  • Man… there is so much more that you could say about Rushing. It is an art…
    Also, Rushing is pretty much a quicker Running and Gunning… and you’ll probably bag in the most amount of deaths along with lots of kills, if
    you play smart. Pick your targerts well, and USE YOUR ENVIRONMENT! If you see several Red Dots on the Radar, wait until they pass, and THEN go in
    for the kills. Pracise makes perfect!
  • I hope that this helped some of you out there. Some of you will naturally disagree with me, I don’t mind! Everyone plays differently, and this is
    no exception. It’s just a game, so have fun!


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  • Puffy_Gonads says:

    Rushing is an art :) nice guide broha

    • Ganbaatar says:

      All things coesrdeind, this is a first class post

    • Maria says:

      Whats its effect on mseclus, the brain, and the heart? Where is adrenaline made? What is it made of? I’ve heard that during one you cant think logically and you act based on instincts? (if that’s true) what does it mean if u can think normally and have an adrenaline rush? If someone has an adrenaline rush while they have a stuffy nose and soar throat and so on will it temporarily make them seem to disappear? Can someone learn to trigger one when ever they want?I wasn’t sure what this would go under. lol

    • Chananchida says:

      Basically what I mean is, we like speed for some reason, an seems like we aywlas have, things like cliff diving and driving real fast obviously werent possible back then. So saying adrenaline junkies is a new thing is kind of dumb to say, cause it seems like we have adrenaline for a reason, so how did they achieve that back then? Is there anything that showed humans did anything like that?

  • xXDemon_TacoXx says:

    i have tried rushing with your ninja class and im amazed by how well i played so thanks!!!

  • xXDemon_TacoXx says:

    i never liked rushing but now im tempted

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