Guide to Assault Rifles

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Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Xbox Tag: CriticalBill665
Date: May 23, 2010

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Assault rifles are the most commonly used guns in the game and for a reason. The majority offer good accuracy and can kill anything, anywhere on the map and when playing Hardcore remember Stopping Power isn’t a must since one shot normally kills.

  • M4A1 – Mixing up moderate power with great accuracy makes it a pick up and play gun. Damage is low so I suggest equipping Stopping Power with it. Stopping Power is a must when using a silencer. The only downsides are the iron sights. While good, they are far away from the best and take up too much of the screen.
  • FAMAS – A 3 round burst fire gun that has incredible accuracy from a distance with little to no recoil and no sway when aiming, unless using the ACOG or Thermal scope. One burst with stopping power and they are dead. The down side to this gun is the burst itself. The wait time between shots seem like forever and in close combat it doesn’t hold up.
  • SCAR-H – The bad mother of all the rifles. This high damaging rifle is only hindered by its low mag size and ammo with a lower rate of fire. Highly suggest using Scavenger with. The SCAR is also one of the few weapons that don’t take a high hit to damage when using a silencer.
  • TAR-21 – Another high power weapon but at a cost, the high recoil makes it hard to use at long range. This is one gun where you can use the red dot sight and still see the Heartbeat Sensor when aiming.
  • FAL – A single shot rifle that is good close to mid range. Oddly enough stopping power isn’t needed since 2 shots will bring down anything and 3 shots will do for long range regardless of attachments. Add a shotgun attachment and you’ll have no iron sight sway. The only down side to this gun is the rate of fire, but it’s still over looked.
  • M16A4 – Another 3 round burst gun. Even though it has more recoil and fires each shot slower than the FAMAS it makes up for with a slower “cool down” between shots. Add on a holographic sight and the recoil is reduced even further. The iron sights have improved over Modern Warfare 1 with the rear aperture being thinner letting you see well.
  • ACR – The most accurate rifle in the game, some call it the Sniper of the Assault rifles. This gun has pin point accuracy and it’s easy to fill an opponent of lead from across the map. The gun has no recoil and one of the best iron sights in the game, with a pin point and clear view when looking down the sights and the recoil only increases if you add a thermal scope. With the accuracy however, comes the low damage. In tight areas or playing on a map with a lot of cover you’ll need stopping power to get a kill faster.


8 Responses to “Guide to Assault Rifles”
  • Jsaetnetwork says:

    i use the ACR and i run and gun it works perfectly with ACOG and sleight of hand and i get lots of kills with the ACR

  • CoD Rocks says:

    wait where’s the AK47?

    • Saliou says:

      I usually tend to do btteer when playing with the ACR, but I like using the G36C on classes where I need faster swap times, like using Overkill, or Stinger + Blind Eye. My main gripe with the G36C though is I’m almost forced to use a Red Dot Sight, as it can be hard to shoot down multiple players in a row using its obstructive irons.And if you haven’t yet, I’d like to suggest a comparison between the .44 Magnum and the Desert Eagle (maybe the MP412 too, but really it’s just a worse Magnum)

    • Nascy says:

      Jay, I recall video renrodicg the “odd” nature of the semi-auto action on pic #5. Was oddly slow or had an equally odd albiet brief delay. Let’s not even discuss me clearing the caked on / baked on lead from the bore of #6. That was painful. – Brad

    • Edna says:

      Turn the hop up all the way down.Try heavier bbs if you have them laniyg around. Honestly hard to answer if its a cheap sniper like one I had then maybe a better barrel. I used to snipe a couple years ago but it broke because I didnt know using .12g bbs was a mistake.

    • Andjjargirlls says:

      Pretty sure they are: Marlin stainless 60, Remington Nylon 66, Remington 510, Remington 572, Savage 64 or sialmr store-branded version of same (J.C. Higgins?), Winchester 1906, Marlin 39A, Ruger 10/22 DSP, same in Butler Creek stock w/different scope, and a take-down 10/22.Close?

  • Puffy_Gonads says:

    I feel as if the TAR-21 is the best overall assualt rifle. I slap a silencer and fmj onto it along with stopping power, bling, and steady aim (all pro) along with a claymore and flashies. Lately I have been using an M4A1 (silencer and heartbeat) which works extremly well in demolition.

    I find that unlocking all attachments for these guns is by far the easiest of all other gun classes.

    Very descriptive CriticalBill…appreciate reading this guide :) …see yall online one day :P

  • xXDemon_TacoXx says:

    in my opinoin the tar is the best and u can get long range kills and u can get those long range kills if u tap the trigger but after reading this i wanna use the fal

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