Destroying Aircrafts Official Strategy
Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Xbox Tag: Some Vagrant
Date: May 24, 2010

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We all love to put a chopper in the air but once an enemy does it to us we start shouting profanity left and right. This guide is to help you get rid of those pesty choppers and other aircrafts that make you want to call up Infinity Ward and say nasty things about their mothers.

  • Anti-Air Class
  • Having an Anti-Air class is an invaluable thing to have. As soon as you hear the enemy has put an aircraft in the air switch to that class before you die. Because you’ll often forget to switch when you’re in killcam. It should consist of a Launcher (Stinger preferably), Cold-blooded, and Scavenger is helpful incase you need more missiles for the aircrafts with flares. Or you could use sleight of hand pro. A blast shield can be helpful as well.
  • Some Aircrafts Have Flares
  • Pavelows, Chopper Gunners and AC-130s all have flares. The first 2 have one flare and the AC-130 has two flares. That means your first locked-on missile with miss, so be ready to fire off another one as quickly as possible. Harriers and Attack Helicopters have no flares and are easy kills.
  • Dealing With More Than One Aircraft At A Time
  • Sometimes you’ll be pinned up against 2 aircrafts in the air. One thing to know about this is, if there’s an armored aircraft with flares such as a Pavelow and a Harrier in the air and you shoot at the Harrier, the Pavelow will use its flares to protect the Harrier. Meaning once you shoot again at the Harrier, you can easily take down the Pavelow afterward with one shot because it already used its flare.
  • Shoot Down UAVs
  • If you pull out your anti-air class to shoot down an attacking aircraft look for a UAV afterward. Its another easy kill and it contributes to cold-blooded and stinger challenges.
  • Do It For The Points
  • Shooting down aircrafts can be a good and easy way to earn some points and also contribute to challenges.
  • Competing With A Teammate
  • Sometimes you’ll get a teammate who’s more hell bent then you are at getting down those aircrafts. In this case you might be better of letting him take care of it then trying to switch to your anti-air class every time.


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