Aiming, Spraying and Accuracy

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Game: Call of Duty Black Ops
Date: December 21, 2010

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Tired of getting killed around corners? Hate being killed because you shot to late? This is a guide between aiming and spraying that will guarranteed help you getting double, triple and multi kills.

First we’re are going to talk about difference between aiming and spraying.


Aiming is using your sights to hit far distances or get the right shot. It takes longer to
fire when you use your sights. It increases a bit of your damage and can budge alot depending on how much recoil your gun has. Also it makes you go exactly where you want it to with more precision and accuracy.

Spraying is when you don’t aim and your shots
tend to go all over the place. best to do this when your close to a enemy. Or if there’s a group of enemy’s to kill.


My best strategy is to fire before aiming.
It’s just a way to get more shots on your enemy before they shoot you causing you to win most fights. Another one of my strategy’s is to
stop sprinting while turning corners then you have a chance to aim. Another strategy is when turning take a few spray shots then aim and do it slowly. It’s also good to crouch when doing that, oh and don’t forget you can throw a grenade or flash and stun. A frag will either flush the enemy out to kill or kill him. Downside is they could throw it back. Now with flash or concussion it’ll blind the enemy(s) or slow them down to kill them.
Oh and don’t forget smoke/willy pete. It could give you cover then you can spray some shots into the smoke. But watch if they have thermal scopes.

Hopefully this helped with when to fire
and alot of your tactical skills.



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