Run And Gun Classes

Submitted Strategy
Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
PS3 Tag: Jsaetnetwork
Date: December 21, 2010

Adjust Type Size: Small | Medium | Large

Heres my main class i use for run and gunning and it fits me perfectly even though im using a weak weapon

ACR Acog Sight

Model 1887 Akimbo

Throwing knife

Special Grenade
Stun Grenade x2

Perk 1
Sleight of hand PRO Note:you NEED PRO because it will help your ACOG aim faster and trust me it aims Slow without Sleight of hand

Perk 2
Cold blooded PRO
People wont be able to see you in UAV’S and the harriers ETC wont bother you and PRO because if you get spotted theres a chance that you wont die

Perk 3
Commando PRO
Commando because if you run out of ammo then you need to run and if someone is in front of you you knife them and boom they die PRO is because if someone runs into a building that you’re in than you can jump out of a window without a chance of dieng

Well thats it i hope it helped you i know the run is really weak and all that but it works perfectly for me


5 Responses to “Run And Gun Classes”
  • The truth says:

    U need marathon instead of commando but everything else looks kinda good

    • Capi says:

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  • The truth says:

    U need marathon instead of commando but everything else looks kinda good. good job

    • Gabriel says:

      Haaaaahhhhhaaaaa!!! I love you Leigh!Seriously, I have en eye twitch too. But the good Lord knows I’m trniyg to keep it sweet over here! Gotta love those commando style hugs. I can tell you know that I know of what you speak–Oliver is not a gentle snuggler, he likes to grab my face in his vice griped claw of a hand with full force and squeeze it. And yes we’re talking about an 11 month old! :)

  • Jsaetnetwork says:

    Hey guys for perk 2 you can use stopping power thats what i use now

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