Nuke Strategy (No M16A4)

Submitted Strategy
Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
PS3 or Xbox 360 Tag: Asker_J
Date: October 10, 2010

I also have a Tactical Nuke strategy of what to do to get that 25 killstreak, but thats in a different category. Anyhoo, this is the class setup I reccomend:
Primary Weapon:
ACR w/ ACOG or Silencer. Or
AK-47 w/ Silencer. Or
Tar-21 w/ Silencer or G. Launcher.

Secondary Weapon:
AA-12 w/ ext. mags. Or
Ranger akimbo. Or

Claymore. Or
Semtex. Or
Tactical Insertion

Special Grenade:
See guide.

Perk 1:
ACR – Scavenger
AK-47 – Sleight of Hand
Tar-21 – Marathon

Perk 2:
ACR – Stopping Power
AK or Tar – Hardline

Perk 3:

Final Stand.

Thar yee go ;) . Sorry it took up so much space. Now to see what to do to get your Tactical Nuke, I’d go take a gander at my nuk stratgy guide.


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